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Why I support hougang united

By: Ernest Lim | 21 August 2023

Admin: Can you tell everyone a little bit about


EL: Hi, I'm Ernest Lim and I have been supporting Hougang United since 2011.

Like most Singaporeans, our favourite pastime was supporting the top clubs in the EPL, watching matches on the weekends, either at home or at a local pub with friends. Wearing your club jersey the next day, after a win. We all do that.

Somewhere at the end of 2010, I decided to adopt a local club as a new year's resolution, but who knew this new interest led me to a new path.

My first Singapore Premier League match (formerly known as S-League) was on 14 February 2011 - Hougang United versus Woodlands Wellington, after that match I commited myself to coming to the next Hougang United match and so on, and the rest was history.

Hougang United is a club in the northeast region of Singapore, and the club has gone through no less than 5 name changes, mergers, and rebranding due to financial reasons.

We are a club not known to have all the money, nor are we known to have won many trophies. Just one trophy 🏆.

The above reasons are more than enough to make gloryhunters run the opposite direction into the arms of more established clubs.

Admin: So why Hougang United?

EL: The answer is simple for me, we are a people's club with a famous town name for a football club.

Hougang is famous for its food, it's people and for its political history. The name Hougang is synonymous with rebellion & fortitude.

Our supporters group Hougang HOOLs embodies these similar traits, and our appetite goes deeper than glory, money, or glam.

Our group serves as a collective to draw Hougang United fans who feel they want to express themselves more. It could be in cheering & singing, match-day logistics, social media, etc.

Admin: What are your thoughts on the Singapore Premier League?

EL: It is Singapore's professional football league, but you will still find a segment of Singaporeans criticising its football standings and the people behind the FA.

They exhibit these opinions because deep down, their idealist views of Singapore football may have been completely crushed, and they feel betrayed. And now they join the bandwagon of naysayers who express negativity towards local football as an outlet for themselves.

I completely understand this cognitive dissonance. Because on one hand, you are completely patriotic, but you also dislike what the state of Singapore football has become to you.

The SPL is not perfect, but it is still largely a Singaporean league. It may not be the league you envisioned, but this industry has Singaporeans working in it, and their livelihood depends on this league.

You may disagree with the people in the FA but at least get behind the players.

Admin: Any parting words for Singaporeans contemplating to support Hougang United?

EL: Come on match day, and look for the Hougang HOOLs and make friends. You may find yourself being reserved at first, but once you are comfortable enough, just come and sit near us and join in the singing & cheering. That's how every other Hougang HOOL started his/her journey.

Will you take a chance and join us at the stadium?

  • 0%Yes! It's always good to make friends!

  • 0%I'll be in the stadium, but I'm abit shy

  • 0%I will usually support from afar or in the live stream

Ernest has been one of the few contributors to hougang since 2011: writing, creating and maintaining fansites such as Cheetah Fan Blog, HOOLs ig and the Hougang supporters facebook. All of them can be found on the "Media" page of this site. He juggles marriage, work and child raising and to this day still can be seen cheering the team on from the terraces.

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Aug 21, 2023

Respect to the HOOLs and what they do for the Singapore Football Fraternity.

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