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Hougang FAN media

Get your latest Hougang United reading fix from our affiliate social media sites. Since we've been around since 2011, our archives run from way, way back. This is your one-stop shop to look at hougang news from our plethora of content creators. Plenty of content to quench your thirst!

Hougang United FC Supporters Club Facebook page


Hougang united fc supporters club-Facebook

Go to facebook to see more content from our Hougang HOOLs. Lots of short-form content to be found. Click link for more on our HOOLs facebook!

Cheetah fan blogsite

This defunct blogsite was created from 2011 by the same man who is now a frequent contributor to this site. Anyway, this blogsite made it's last post on November 2013. That's a decade ago! Roll back the years and discover how fandom was like back in the days of the S-league (Predecessor of the Singapore Premier League). Relive the thrills from when the league was one of the epicenters of Asia by reading the posts and watching the videos!



Instagram is the best place for short video content as long as no one posts a three-paragraph story! On the HOOLs Instagram you'll never find those kind of posts.  Every content is beautifully curated. You'll find lots of video content on hougang_hools instagram!

hougang hools instagram page


matchdaySG youtube

A legend...wait for it...dary vlog youtuber who is a hougang fan and have been making content stretching back since 2017. This vlog series details one man's football fan journey in a lighthearted fashion. Through some of his videos are also his exploits as a Singapore football fan so you may see familiar fan faces in the local scene.


Alternativespl instagram page talks about the Singapore Premier League and Hougang United



This instagram page is the brainchild of a Hougang and Singapore fan. It is his mouthpiece based on the voice on the ground in the local football scene. The founder is also very in-tune with key personnel in the football scene. He often ponders on the what-ifs and policies in the Singapore Premier league, an alternate Singapore if you will. Alternativespl.


HougangTV instagram

Hougangtv is a recently minted instagram page dedicated to creating high quality graphics based on the exploits of the hougang united team. The founder will also frequently post polls on player ratings after hougang united matches so do look out for those! Keep a lookout for it on the forums page or on the Hougang Matchday Squad telegram chat!

hougangtv is a page on instagram doing photos and graphics work for Hougang United as a fan
risingcheetahs_ is an instagram page focused on short form content and graphics and photos for hougang united


Risingcheetahs instagram

A part of the Singapore's young local football taskforce and one of the "rising" content creators in our local football social media. Risingcheetahs is a page dedicated to the hougang cause creating good graphics work  and really short-form content. 


Singabrigade blogsite

Partly founded by a member of the hougang contingent and Singabrigade. This blogsite was setup to be a news outlet for the Singabrigade. It also contains the lyrics for the cheers used by the Singabrigade. Till today, some still use the site for its glossary of lyrics.


Derrick Youtube

Derrick is a frequent traveller who has his heart set at Hougang United and Singapore football in general. He's also a part of the Hougang Matchday Squad who have a presence on telegram for the Hougang contingent. His content mainly involves matchday vlogs of HGFC matches when he's not covering other Singapore matches or his travel vlogs.

Hougang Website.png


Hougang United official

A special mention is due to our Hougang united official website. Although it is not a fan-site, it's still a hub for news related to Hougang united. This special site takes 10th place as it is near and dear to our hearts. In here you can see the updated player merch and where to purchase it. There are also match reports and the community outreach that the club is doing. This is a website that you must stay tuned on! Click on the image to go to the site!

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