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We are the hougang contingent consisting of: An independent group of Hougang United supporters – affectionately known as the Hougang HOOLs (Hougang Only One Love) – was founded on the 1st January 2011, just as the football club underwent a change of name (from Sengkang-Punggol Football Club to the present Hougang United Football Club). 

The supporters’ group was informally established on 24th July 2010 when a small group first brought the English football-stadium atmosphere to our very own local football scene. They are fans who appreciate the English football style of singing and chanting for 90 minutes for our Hougang United heroes!

Together with the 'Crazy 6', and our other hougang supporters like 'Hougang Matchday Squad', we form a healthy hougang fan group community.

We share the 'semangat/spirit' and the'pride of the North-East' with our merry band of brothers and sisters to ensure

our team pushes on to the very end!

Every donation helps

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Any amount can go a long way to helping us offset some of the site fees we make yearly e.g. buying the rights to our domain name, buying our site address, and wix fees. Especially if you think we're doing a good job. Much appreciated!


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There are lots of things that goes behind supporting our local club — from organising logistics, gathering manpower, updating our social media, and in this case, maintaining the fansite. 

While the time we take after work to maintain the site is free, buying a site domain and making sure it remains on the world wide web requires us to spend our hard-earned Singaporean dollars...year-on-year.

If you like our content or are a fan of local football, do support us by donating some funds our way. So that it can ease the site fees. We appreciate it. Long may Singapore football prosper!  Scan or click here for ShopeePay.

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